Beach In-the-water Metal Detecting Gear

Really useful in-water beach metal detecting gear. When you want to do some underwater metal detecting, you need these tools to make the most of it.

The simplest way to operate in the water at the beach is with a waterproof metal detector (because at least the coil needs to be submersible to several feet), some headphones, a scoop, and a mesh bag to put items in.

If you plan to go beyond shallow wading depth, you’ll need to consider getting some fins and either a snorkel or good SCUBA gear (if you’re certified), depending on how deep you plan to detect. Also, a fully submersible metal detector is necessary.

Here are the products I recommend:

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Swim/Snorkel Fins

Sand Scoops

Submersible (deep water Pulse Induction) Metal Detectors

Waterproof (Shallow depths ~ 10 feet) VLF Metal Detectors

Mesh Bag

Wet Suit and Dry Skin

Mask and Snorkel

Safety Flag (indicates diver or snorkeler under water)

Waterproof Headphones

(make sure to check compatibility of headphones with the metal detector make and model you own)