Metal Detectors for Finding Gold

Any metal detector can find gold if the target is big enough. If you’re serious about looking for gold, however, these purpose-built detectors will give you a true advantage. A gold metal detector is designed to detect tiny targets in mineralized ground. In truth, there probably isn’t a “best metal detector for gold” because all the specialized ones are designed to do the job and do it well.

There are some things to consider, though.

Which technology do you want to use – VLF or PI?

  • VLF (Very Low Frequency) is best if budget is tight, you want to hunt for things other than gold, you’re interested in smaller nuggets at shallow depths, the areas you’re in are trashy and you need a discrimination feature.
  • PI (Pulse Induction) is best if you’re in highly mineralized soil and you want the maximum depth capability. Prices for PI detectors can be in the $1000’s, though. If you’re in areas of highly mineralized soil like “black sand”, a PI detector will probably be your best option for seeing through that ground.

Where to find gold:

  • Other than manufactured pieces that people have lost, gold will be found where the Earth makes gold. In the US, that’ll be places like Alaska, out west, and a little bit in the east. Worldwide, Australia is known for bigger and better nuggets.

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Metal Detectors to Find Gold:

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