Is Buying a Metal Detector Kit a Good Idea?

A Metal Detector Kit offers you a package of closely matched items at a better price than if purchased separately. Buying a metal detector alone is the primary objective of course, but you’ll eventually realize you need some accessories to be most effective.

A metal detector kit is a collection of items such as the detector, headphones, pinpointer, shovel, beach sand scoop, and more. It can also include basic field repair items in the form of a metal detector tool kit. These a usually listed as a kit or combo (combination) package in stores or online.

Choosing the right kit isn’t hard, but there are some things to consider.

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What Comes with a Metal Detector Kit?

First, let’s decide what’s most important when buying a metal detector kit.

  1. The metal detector
  2. A metal detector pinpointer
  3. Digging tool(s)
  4. Headphones
  5. Pouch and other accessories
  6. Batteries
  7. Metal Detector Tool Kit

Metal Detector

Without a good detector, having a full kit really doesn’t help much. Take some time to decide what metal detector features you needOpens in a new tab.. Once you find a model or two worth purchasing, then you can look for metal detector kits that meet your requirements.

Digging Tool(s)

Sequentially, the detector and the digging tool are the most needed items. You can’t get to your target if you can’t dig it out of the ground. As you’ll see next, the pinpointer plays a huge role in the process, too.

Digging tools cover a spectrum of items: small garden trowels, large kitchen knives, regular garden shovels, serrated trowels and shovels, and manual bar-like devices.

  • Small garden Trowel: These are common tools, you may already have one, and they easily break most soft ground to dig a nice dirt plug or even remove beach sand
  • Large Kitchen Knife: This will do fine, and I used one for many years to dig clean holes in lawns or fields. There is some concern these days over carrying a large knife around places like parks. You may get the police called on you, so it’s better to choose another option from this list.
  • Regular Garden Shovels: These of course are bigger and heavier, so you may not find these in package deals. However, you will find smaller folding shovels in some kits.
  • Serrated Trowels and Shovels: They have sharp serrated edges which can make it easier to dig holes, especially where there are roots running through the ground.
  • Manual Bar Devices: The best and most popular of these is the Rogan trenching tool. You won’t find these in kits, but you can find them hereOpens in a new tab. (use code MDU15 for a discount!)

Metal Detector Pinpointer

The second most useful technical item is the pinpointer. With this handy tool, you can speed up the recovery process because it will quickly pinpoint the location of the target findOpens in a new tab. in the hole you dug or the spoils you set aside from the hole. This is a common item found in metal detector package deals.

One of the most respected names in pinpointers is Garrett. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is a characteristic orange color and is sometimes referred to as “the carrot.” Many metal detector kits come with an orange look-alike pinpointer, so be sure to check the brand name. Not that they’re a bad piece of equipment, but overall they likely don’t measure up to the iconic, rugged, and well-performing Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointerOpens in a new tab..

Another well-known pinpointer is the MineLab Pro_find 35, but you’re likely only to find those in MineLab packagesOpens in a new tab..


Many metal detector kits come with a pair of headphones, almost always the wired style. Headphones help you hear target signals better and also keep the metal detector’s beeping sounds isolated from people around you. They’re a joyous sound to us but can be annoying to non-detectorists.

The beauty of a metal detector kit is that the electrical components are matched to work together. In the case of headphones, they’ve been selected to work with the detector’s electronics.

Pouch and Accessories

These are the cheaper additions to the package, price-wise, but they nicely fill out the list of items you get. A pouch or carry bag is one of the best accessories because it’s where you can store items you find, gloves, a water bottle, and more depending on the size included. Some packages even include backpacks.

Other accessories could include folding shovels, serrated digging tools, and spare batteries.


Speaking of batteries, these are one of the most common “field repair” items. Weak or dead batteries can ruin a day of metal detecting and even cause erratic detector behaviorOpens in a new tab..

Again, the beauty of a kit is that the right batteries are included. Be sure to bring along extras just in case.

Metal Detector Tool Kit

You can certainly build these on your own including a variety of screwdrivers, electrical tape, batteries, wipes, etc.

However, you can also buy accessory metal detecting tool kits like this one that include useful ground and sand implements:

Opens in a new tab.

Example Metal Detector Kits

Specific metal detector kits will come and go, and some deals are better than others. You can check this link on AmazonOpens in a new tab. to see the most recent offerings.

Some of the biggest names in metal detector manufacturing are:

  • Garrett
  • Bounty Hunter
  • MineLab
  • Nokta | Makro
  • XP
  • Fisher

You’ll notice some of these brands carry a hefty price tag. However, one big name with a very nice package price is the Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector Kit

Opens in a new tab.

They are certainly worth the price, but if your budget won’t allow it there are other well-known brands that have more affordable package pricing

  • Dr Otek
  • Sunpow
  • Sakobs
  • Ricoh Max
  • Pancky

As of this writing, doing a Google Trends search, you can see the worldwide interest (searches) are about equal, so it doesn’t look like one brand is sought after more than another. This is not a scientific way to look at this, but relatively speaking they are pretty much equal.

Google Trends point in time data – small metal detector brand searches

The point is you have a fairly large choice of options for metal detector kits on sites like Amazon as well as brick-and-mortar stores and other online sites.

As always, you’ll want to look at customer reviews and star ratings, then choose the best package for you.

Suggestions for Metal Detector Kits and Package Deals

(Look at the full page, sometimes the particular brand gets mixed in with other brands. I try to keep these links alive, and whatever results you see are the current ones unless the link goes dead. I do monitor these and will update the dead ones.)

In terms of the best metal detectors for sale, sometimes the metal detector package deals are the way to go!

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