Don’t Hate The Garrett AT Pro For Being So Good! Just Get Even And Buy One.

There are quite a few metal detectors that are designed for finding coins, but one of the best-selling and highly-rated models on the market is the Garrett AT Pro. Why is it so loved by detectorists?

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The Garrett AT Pro is a reliable and versatile metal detector that can help you find coins and other valuable treasures. Some key features that make it stand out above other detectors include its high-frequency detection, advanced discrimination, various search modes, depth indicator, and fully waterproof operation.

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Garrett At Pro Feature Details

  1. High-Frequency Detection – The Garrett AT Pro operates at a high frequency, which makes it sensitive to small and low-conductive targets like coins. Its 15 kHz operating frequency is high enough to detect small targets like coins, but also deep enough to detect larger items like relics and jewelry.
  2. Discrimination – The Garrett AT Pro has advanced discrimination capabilitiesOpens in a new tab. that allow you to ignore trash and unwanted items, and focus on finding valuable coins. This is because its well-engineered notch discrimination feature allows you to eliminate iron and other unwanted metals from your search, while still detecting more valuable targets. The AT Pro has 12 pixels or “notches” of discrimination in addition to 40 points of High-Res Iron Discrimination.
  3. Search Modes – The unit features several search modes, including Pro, Custom, Coins, and Zero Discrimination. The Coins mode is specifically designed for finding coins and other small targets, while the Zero Discrimination mode allows you to detect all metals without discrimination. Tip: experienced detectorists know that an all-metal mode is an excellent starting mode when you’re trying to learn how your new detector behaves with all targets (various metals and depths.) Once you master that, using the search modes will greatly reduce the chatter.
  4. Depth Indicator – The Garrett AT Pro has a depth indicator that tells you how deep the coin or other target is buried. This can help you determine whether it’s worth digging up. The end result allows you to dig more efficiently and accurately. The on-screen display shows depths estimated at 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10+”
  5. Waterproof – The metal detector is fully waterproof, which means you can use it in wet conditions and shallow watersOpens in a new tab., such as streams, rivers, lakes, and beaches. It’s designed to be fully submersible in water up to 10 feet (3 meters) deep. Note that the depth rating of the Garrett AT Pro refers to the control box and coil only. The headphones and other accessories that come with the detector may not be fully waterproof, so you should check the manufacturer’s specifications for each accessory before submerging them in water. Also, be careful not to exceed the depth limit as it could void your warranty.

Audio Tones

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector produces a range of audio tones that can help you identify the type of metal you’ve detected. Here’s a breakdown of the different audio tones and what they signify:

  1. Low Tone: A low tone indicates that the metal detected is likely to be iron or another low-conductive metal. This tone is often described as a “grunt” or “growl” sound.
  2. Medium Tone: A medium tone indicates that the metal detected is likely to be a pull-tab or another medium-conductive metal. This tone is often described as a “beep” or “boop” sound.
  3. High Tone: A high tone indicates that the metal detected is likely to be a valuable target, such as a coin, gold, or silver. This tone is often described as a “chirp” or “ping” sound.
  4. Broken Tone: A broken tone indicates that the metal detected is likely to be a larger or deeper target, or that there may be multiple targets in the same area. This tone is often described as a “stuttering” or “interrupted” sound.

A really neat feature of the Garrett AT Pro is “proportional audio.” Proportional audio response means that the loudness of the target’s response is proportional to a target’s signal strength. This is a great reinforcing feedback function.

Other Valuable Features of the Garrett AT Pro

In addition to the audio tones, the Garrett AT Pro has several other important features to make your metal detecting more productive. Visit sites you’ve been told are hunted out and chances are you’ll come up with more to find.

  1. Digital Target ID: The Garrett AT Pro has a digital target ID system that displays a numerical value on the screen, indicating the type of metal detected. This makes it easy to quickly identify and target valuable items.
  2. Touchpad Controls: The metal detector has touchpad controls that are simple and intuitive to use. The buttons are labeled clearly and are easy to access, even while wearing gloves. Labels include:
    • Iron Discrimination
    • Sensitivity
    • Notch Discrimination
    • Mode
    • Iron Audio
    • Pinpoint / Frequency Adjust
    • Ground Balance (Auto and Manual)
  3. On-screen Target ID Legend – indicates metal types across a spectrum of Iron, Foil, Rings/Gold, and Silver. There’s also an indication of potential pull tabs and various coin values.
  4. The on-screen battery level indicator lets you know when you’re running low.
  5. “Pinpoint” function – similar to a hand-held pinpointer, the AT Pro has something similar built in. Note that you’ll need to maintain the coil at a constant height above the ground (about an inch) and make certain that the detector is properly ground-balanced. If you don’t find this technique to your liking, Garrett also makes the iconic Garrett Pro Pointer AT hand-held PinpointerOpens in a new tab. – trusted by detectorists across the globe.

Garrett AT Pro by the numbers

The Garrett AT Pro takes 4 AA batteries (included) and comes standard with one (1) 8.5″ x 11″ DD search coilOpens in a new tab.. It’s warranted for 24 months. The AT Pro weighs 3.03 pounds, and to see how that compares with other detectors, see my article hereOpens in a new tab..

I’m also impressed that the manual includes a Code of Ethics! For more about that topic, see my article hereOpens in a new tab..

If you’re interested in browsing details and customer reviews, click hereOpens in a new tab.. Deals come and go, and many times you can find an AT Pro bundled with the Garrett “carrot” pinpointer, headphones, or other accessories.

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is an incredible machine that you should seriously consider. To see if it’s for you, check out a copy of the Garrett AT Pro User Manual hereOpens in a new tab..

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