Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are one of many brands out there for the hobbyist. There’s something familiar, easy to use, and classic about them that convinces people to purchase. My first metal detectorOpens in a new tab. (bought in the ’80s) was a Bounty Hunter and I still use it today. What is a Bounty Hunter metal detectorOpens in a new tab.?

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are sold through many brand-name stores like Cabela’s, WalmartOpens in a new tab., Dick’s Sporting Goods, CostcoOpens in a new tab., and Home DepotOpens in a new tab.. First Texas Products owns the brand and they’ve been making metal detectors for years. It’s an excellent brand for beginners and more experienced detectorists.

When researching metal detectors for sale, there are many features to considerOpens in a new tab.. The Bounty Hunter product line covers them all, depending on the model you choose, and parents… they even make a kids metal detectorOpens in a new tab..

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Models

Bounty Hunter metal detectors models run the range from beginner to seasoned detectorist. Here are the categories and models of Bounty Huner metal detectors:

  • Starter
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Serious
  • Pro
  • Discovery
  • Pioneer

Starter (great for young kids starting out; shorter length and lightweight)

  • Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
  • VLF Metal Detector
  • Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Intermediate (Older kids, teens, more features)

  • Mach-1 Metal Detector
  • Prospector Metal Detector
  • Fast Tracker Metal Detector
  • Tracker II Metal Detector
  • Tracker IV Metal Detector
  • Quick Silver Metal Detector

More features and complexity


  • Commando Metal Detector
  • Lone Star Metal Detector
  • Quick Draw II Metal Detector


  • Land Star Metal Detector
  • Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector
  • Time Ranger Metal Detector


  • Time Ranger Pro
  • Lone Star Pro
  • Quick Draw Pro
  • Land Ranger Pro
  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Platinum


  • Discovery 1100 Metal Detector
  • Discovery 2200 Metal Detector
  • Discovery 3300 Metal Detector


  • Pioneer EX Metal Detector
  • Pioneer 202 Metal Detector
  • Pioneer 505 Metal Detector

You can find more information on my Recommended GearOpens in a new tab. page as well as the Bounty Hunter websiteOpens in a new tab.


Bounty Hunter is one of the best-known brands in metal detectingOpens in a new tab.. All Bounty Hunter models are VLF technology (very low frequency) and many of them have waterproof search coils. Many models come with headphones, but if they don’t you can order them separately. Their product line will empower you at a fair price, whether you’re gold hunting for precious metals, relics, coins, jewelry, lost keys, or maybe even nails, buckles, and buttons. 

Here’s the metal detector I started withOpens in a new tab. (a Bounty Hunter Model 840) and is the one I still use today

bounty hunter metal detector

Bounty Hunter makes it easy to stay within brand by offering many accessories as well. They sell quality items like:

Digging ToolHeat-treated, tempered steel, sheath, 12-inch blade (serrated 7 inches)
Sand ScoopFor beach metal detecting, a sand scoopOpens in a new tab. is indispensable
Pinpointera PinpointerOpens in a new tab. is one accessory you really need
HeadphonesHeadphonesOpens in a new tab. serve two important purposes – makes it easier to hear faint signals and keeps the detector quiet so people around you aren’t disturbed
Coils and Coil CoversCoilsOpens in a new tab. do the hard work of finding items in the ground, and Bounty Hunter makes specific coils for their models

Key reasons to buy a Bounty Hunter metal detector

Price: They’re affordable, whether you’re starting out or have a lot of experience, do a price comparison based on the featuresOpens in a new tab. you want. You’ll find a Bounty Hunter model at a very nice price. Examples:

Great Warranty: a 5-year limited warranty (see the warranty pageOpens in a new tab. for your model’s online manual)

Quality Brand Reputation: With Bounty Hunter, you have a low barrier to entry into metal detecting. Ther quality, low-cost beginner models get you started, and upgrading within the Bounty Hunter product line is simple and familiar. They’re Made in the USA from USA and imported parts. Bounty Hunter started production in the ’70s by U.S.-based Pacific Northwest Instruments and has been owned by First Texas Products in the late ’90s. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are known for their great functionality and reliability.

Bounty Hunter Overview

Here’s an excellent Bounty Hunter review. What makes it good is coverage of:

  • Unboxing
  • Assembly
  • Understanding the display, discrimination, notching
  • Demonstration of detection depth capability
  • Demomstration of detection capability
  • Understanding target size
  • Pro and Cons

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