Where To Buy Metal Detectors

You can buy metal detectors in a number of ways. Whether you decide on a new one, a used one, a local purchase, or online, they are out there waiting for you.

You can buy a metal detector through various online stores, big box stores online or in-person, online auction sites, internet classified sites, and other detectorists. Here’s the scoop!

One more thing to consider is purchasing used versus new. That will impact price and perhaps even your equipment’s lifespan.

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Where to buy metal detectors?

Buying Online

One of the easiest ways to shop for and buy a metal detector is online. This method allows you to compare features, see pictures, and read reviews.

Do your research and take the reviews with a grain of salt. Some sites suffer from fake reviews and some seem to favor only good reviews, filtering out unhappy customers. Look for a mix of reviews and balance them against each other.

Buy at Amazon

One site that most everyone knows is Amazon, and they have a large selection of metal detecting equipment. One good thing about Amazon is that they try to crack down on fake reviews and have a good “star” rating system.

TIP: To compare similar items on Amazon, hover over the area with the stars and number of reviews. You’ll see a dropdown that shows the percentage of reviews for each star. A similar product (for example two metal detector pinpointersOpens in a new tab.) may have 134 reviews with 80% 5 stars, 15% 4 stars, and 5% 2 stars. A comparable pinpointer may have 212 reviews with 60% 4 stars, 30% 2 stars, and 10% 1 star. That should give you a feeling for the two products.

metal detecting product reviews

When you read their reviews, you’ll many times see the words “Verified Purchase”. This means they’ve verified that the person writing the review purchased the product at AmazonOpens in a new tab. and didn’t receive the product at a deep discount.

Buy at Treasures In America

Metal Detectors – Treasures In America

Buy at CKG Scoops

CKG quality metal detecting scoops

Buy at Big Box Stores (Online and Brick & Mortar)

buy a metal detector
Find metal detectors and/or accessoryOpens in a new tab. gear at big box stores

You can read reviews on metal detecting equipment at many big box store websites. You’re likely to have a physical store nearby as well. If the store has metal detectors on display, it’ll give you a great chance to ask questions, perhaps get a demo, or get your hands on it.

You may want to compare prices online, ahead of going to the store, in case they’re running an online special.

These big-box stores are known for selling metal detectors and some metal detecting equipment (both online and in-store) and are worth checking out:

CabelasOpens in a new tab.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Bass Pro ShopsOpens in a new tab.

LowesOpens in a new tab.

Home DepotOpens in a new tab.

WalmartOpens in a new tab.

Harbor FreightOpens in a new tab.

Should you buy a cheap metal detector?

Maybe. Do your research. They’re not all bad, but please check my article about cheap metal detectorsOpens in a new tab. for some things you should consider.

Using Online Marketplaces

buy a metal detector online
Buying metal detecting equipment online

Online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are good places to find used metal detectors and accessories. They have their good points and less good points, and “buyer beware” is the watch phrase.

Has seller reputation rating XX
Consider in-person meeting safety or bring a friendXX
May require cash in handXX
Be wary of scams and/or being asked for personal information during the transactionXX
Easy to create fake profilesXX
Purchase Protection policies (read their latest version to confirm)XX


If you Google “risk of using (fill in the blank)” you can find additional information to make your transaction smooth and safe. Here are three sites I checked when writing this article:

Other options on where to buy metal detectors

buy a metal detector
Metal detecting groups or clubs can connect you to decent gear

Since people who use metal detectors are a great source of information, and also upgrade from time to time.

Following along on metal detecting Facebook groups or pagesOpens in a new tab. will help you pick up some good tips on equipment.

Also looking for local metal detecting clubs may point you to some friendly folks who can let you try a metal detector or who may know someone who’s selling one. Try Googling “metal detecting clubs near me” and if you see one, great! If not, it may list local shops and they could point you to one.

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